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Bowl Game, Anybody?

Just caught my eye on StubHub.com -- Music City Bowl tickets, for the game tomorrow, start at 25 cents.

I'd be there. Too bad there are no bowl games in Chicagoland.

Jets Followup

Yep, he gone. (Eric Mangini, that is.)

Let's see who's next in the Cavalcade of Jet Coaches. Just remember, this is a team that once fired Pete Carroll so they could hire Rich Kotite.

Back in Illinois

Never thought I'd be able to drive the whole way from Columbia, MD to Naperville -- taking the southern route, which adds about 60 miles -- in less than 14 hours. But I did.

Awful football day. Jets lost, they're out, and I'd better see Eric Mangini and Mike Tannenbaum fired within the week. The Favre move completely backfired, Vernon Gholston was a bust, and the team collapsed down the stretch. Kellen Clemens lost a year sitting on the bench, and Chad Pennington will be the NFL MVP. Starting over again.

The Bears lost, but their season wasn't awful. I don't think I'd have predicted 9-7 early on. A near miss.

Giants lost, but they're the #1 seed.

And Northern Illinois just lost in the Independence Bowl.

Good night, everybody!

Fertility Update, TV Sitcoms Edition

I'm pretty sure most people here who watch How I Met Your Mother know Alyson Hannigan is pregnant. However, I just discovered Cobie Smulders, the other female lead on the show, is also expecting a baby. (Hannigan is due maybe a month or two before Smulders, both this spring.)

Nobody's said whether the pregnancies are going to be written into the show -- I'm pretty sure they won't write one in for Smulders (her character is supposedly very much against having kids), and I hope they don't for Hannigan, either. Not that the episodes haven't been hinting -- one episode last month had Lily (Hannigan's character) ready to have a kid, but her husband (Jason Segal) decided he wasn't ready -- but that TV sitcoms tend to do one of two things when a baby is written into the show: make it more of a domestic comedy (which clearly won't work here), or unrealistically have the kid as no more than an afterthought, which doesn't face reality. (Either that or the magical day care center where Avery Brown, Mabel Buchman, and Emma Geller-Green are registered really is open 24 hours a day and the parents don't have to check in, like, ever.)

Yeah, it's fun writing pregnancies into shows because you get a bump in the ratings and get to do a "I'm having the baby and everything's going wrong!" episode, but in the long haul... avoid, avoid, avoid.

Clip o' the Day

Hey, how about a game show clip? Specifically, one of the very best game shows ever -- Split Second, which I can best describe as a more intense Jeopardy!. Hosted by Tom Kennedy, the main game featured three contestants. Kennedy would ask a question with three different parts, and all three contestants could answer one part -- depending on who buzzed in first. Ah, just watch the clip -- this is the first part of the show, which is in four parts (you should be able to get to all four after each part ends).

This is the last episode of the show, which ran from 1972 to 1975. (A brief revival ran in 1986, hosted by the show's creator, Monty Hall.) One of the contestants, Judd Rose, later became a reporter for both ABC and CNN, and yes, that researcher introduced at the tail end of part 4 is the same Markie Post.

Help Wanted

Okay, I want to have Superhits '79 done within a week for my drive to Virginia for Christmas. (See this post for details.) I've got all the library CDs, and I can download what I need from Amazon and Rhapsody. What I need is a company that can convert the four songs mentioned from vinyl to CD (I don't want to bother doing it myself for four songs; too much setup costs.)

Where would I look for this in the Yellow Pages? Anyone?

Stolen From lambertman

Yes, another meme.


Read more...Collapse )

Clip o' the Day!

See more Natalie Portman videos at Funny or Die

Something for everyone -- even a game show connection.

The second in a series of three videos -- could really do without the chickens, though.

Football Roundup

The Jets lost, the Giants lost, the Bears won but they still trail Minnesota.

But Northern Illinois is going to a bowl game! The Independence Bowl, against Louisiana Tech. And, on Sunday, December 28 at 8 PM, which means I can actually watch the game.

Man, it's sad when 6-6 in the MAC still means a bowl game, but I'll take it.

Football Update

No surprises in the conference championships (except previously undefeated Ball State absolutely collapsing against Buffalo), but Arizona State did lose its finale, dropping to 5-7 and giving the Pac 10 just five bowl-eligible teams -- one more chance for 6-6 Northern Illinois to snarf a lower-tier bowl.

Still interested to see what'll happen to Northwestern -- probably the Sun Bowl. The state of Illinois is not known for its football powerhouses (the state hasn't had a team finish in the top 10 of the year-end AP bowl since Illinois squeaked in at number 10 in 1989), but it's fun to hope. Besides, at least we didn't split up our state schools into 10,000 regional schools like SUNY did, thereby making competing on the gridiron virtually impossible. (And after all, that's really why we go to college, right?)


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